Oribe @ Moschino

Moschino Resort 2019 + Men’s Spring/Summer 2019

Hair by Oribe Canales using Oribe Hair Care

Designer Jeremy Scott recently brought a kaleidoscope of color and eccentric entertainment to the Moschino Resort 2019 and Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 show in Los Angeles. Beneath the giant red-and-blue-striped tent at the equestrian compound in Burbank, Oribe Hair Care Co-Founder Oribe Canales played off the spectacular circus theme with an array of styles—from colorful and creatively cut wigs adorned with eye-catching hairpieces and hats to a tight twist that climbed up the back of the head.

Get the Look—Tight Twist:

  1. Collect the hair at the crown and pin out of the way.
  2. Create three sections using the remaining hair from the top of the ear to the nape of the neck. Using Rock Hard Gel, secure the center section into a ponytail and secure just under the crown.
  3. Apply Dry Texturizing Spray throughout the two remaining sections. Backcomb each section at the root then smooth each section into the center.
  4. Twist hair up and secure tightly with pins. Smooth the ends of the hair into a tight roll.
  5. Release the top section and backcomb for height at the crown, smoothing it back for a “Grace Jones” feel.
  6. Twist the remaining hair down the center seam, securing tightly with pins. Set the entire look with Superfine Hair Spray.

Photos by Chris DeLorenzo