Curly Hair Leave-in

Kera-Smooth Leave-in Keratin Conditioner

Mayraki Professional recently announced the launch of Kera-Smooth Leave-in Keratin Conditioner. This formula actively transforms and improves hair texture, bringing the salon experience to the comfort of your home.

“Our goal in creating Kera-Smooth Leave-in Keratin Conditioner was to provide an easy-to-use, vegan treatment that deeply restores and revitalizes damaged hair. The advanced keratin formula smooths the hair for a sleek, healthy finish by blending a unique combination of repair and nourishment. What truly sets this product apart is its lightweight, leave-in simplicity, making it the perfect choice for those who want salon-quality results without the time-consuming effort,” shares Eliza Pineda, in-house haircare expert at Mayraki Professional.

Spring is an ideal time to revitalize and restore your hair. This transformative leave-in treatment offers gentle repair, deep nourishment and smooth definition to help you reclaim the vibrancy and beauty of your curls in the warm months ahead. From hydrolyzed keratin for strength to burdock root for nourishment, gotu kola for soothing, and lotus seed for shine, the Kera-Smooth Leave-in Keratin Conditioner is a gentle approach to daily care that works for all hair types. With no harsh chemicals, this conditioner provides essential nourishment and protection, aiding in curl definition and accentuating the beauty of each strand.