Ultimate Blowout

Ed Mascarenhas Hair

How to Get Sexy Volume

If you want to turn heads with voluminous, sexy hair, try these tips and tricks that are sure to make you feel like a bombshell.

  • First, start with a professional shampoo and conditioner with volumizing properties to give your hair that extra bounce and body. 

  • Add a volumizing mousse or spray to damp hair, with an added dose at the root where you want lift.

  • Flip your head upside down and power dry with your blowdryer to get much of the moisture out. 

  • Bring your head upright and continue drying. Use a round brush on sections, lifting up and rolling the brush several times while you concentrate the heat from your dryer on that section.

  • Once dry and while that section is still warm, roll it up onto a large or extra large Velcro roller and continue with the next sections.

  • Allow your hair to cool completely before undoing the rollers and finalizing your style.

  • Consider misting with a medium to firm hold hairspray to keep everything in place.


Anna Barroca Hairstylist

Hair | Ed Mascarenhas
Makeup | Claire Evans
Wardrobe | Clare Frith
Photography | Chris Bulezuik
Production | Schwarzkopf
Ed Mascarenhas Hair