PhD Body Builder

Living Proof’s PhD Body Builder is a customizable bodybuilding hairspray that creates instant, buildable body with airiness, movement and light hold. Powered by a customizable nozzle that adjusts the particle size and spray rate, this formula contains a blend of flexible and firm polymers to create body with softness no matter which setting you use. An emollient blend adds shine and anti-static agents improve the manageability and brush-ability. The result: you can add instant buildable body with airiness, movement, and light, touchable hold to your style.

If the more body setting is too much and the less body setting isn’t enough, try a setting in between to customize the amount of airiness and movement you add to your style. To use, simply turn nozzle for more (M) or less (L) body. Hold can 6-10" away from styled, dry hair. Section hair and spray. Finish with a final spray for extra body and hold.