Beachy Hair Advice

Summer is definitely upon us, which means being pool party and beachside ready for those last-minute weekend plans. To ensure that you and your hair never miss a beat for long days of fun in the sun, keep these simple yet effective hair woe solutions in mind. 

Seven Salon Senior Stylist Claire Humphrey offers these simple ways to keep your hair looking great for a day at the beach... 

Long hair tips

  • Braiding season is here. Using just two strands, a fishtail braid is easier than you think. Or opt for French braids. 
  • With any summer look, always remember to apply sunscreen to your part. 
  • A high bun is a classically cute beach look as well. Added bonus: your scalp won’t get burnt!

Medium length hair tips 

  • Less styling is always more. I like to air dry my hair with mousse before the beach, scrunching and twisting as it dries. The salt water and air will only add to the texture. Important: if you opt for this style, use something like Seven haircare’s Borato Mousse foam. It uses an advanced polymer that never flakes and doesn’t get crunchy.

Short hair tips

  • A cute beach hat will be your best friend.

Salty Sensations

When it comes to messy, salty beach hair - roll with it. Always rinse the salt off of your body and hair as soon as you can––most beaches have showers, or use your water bottle if that’s your only option. If you are out in the sun all day, it’s important to give your hair a bit of UV protection to extend the life of your color and to nourish the hair. Humphrey uses Seven's Rinzu Protect spray. It has zinc, white tea, and galanga root extract for the UV protection. If you get really tangly, opt for a leave-in conditioner instead. Use your fingers or comb through, and just roll with the beachy look. 

Protect, Protect, Protect

Whether you have colored your hair or you are all natural, the sun and sea will lighten your tone. The best prevention for sun damage is wearing a hat. Using a UV protection spray before (and during) your beach time helps, and a deep, repairing conditioner like Seven's Kente Bond will keep you healthy all summer long. 

Look Beachy Without the Sand

To recreate the natural messiness of day-at-the-beach hair when an actual trip to the shore isn’t in the cards, start with the right products. Prep damp hair with mousse from scalp to ends to create some volume with moveable, fresh hold. When dry, use a flat iron to create a wave pattern in your hair. To feel the real magic of the ocean air, spritz in a salt spray, scrunching with your hands to recreate the sea, wind, and sun.