Combat Dieting Hair Loss

HPx Ekakshi Oil Complex Active Hair & Scalp SerumHair Prescriptives was specifically crafted to assist in combatting hair loss or thinning hair issues while increasing the health, volume, and vitality of compromised strands. It was developed clinically to provide successful results that surpass even the most popular prescription hair growth medications. Designed for both men and women dealing with hair loss, Hair Prescriptives is the brainchild of Dr. Steven L. Ringler and his extensive research. Dr. Ringler has identified unique active botanicals, previously unexplored in the realm of hair care, capable of correcting the biochemical imbalances often associated with thinning hair.

Ozempic is becoming a go-to solution to combatting weight loss, but it can come with side effects, including hair loss. While using Ozempic, if you are experiencing hair thinning or loss, 80% of users saw improvement in both the density and the texture of their hair after 12 weeks of incorporating Hair Prescriptives into their hair care routine. With high potency and anti-aging properties, the key ingredient, Ekakshi Oil, derived from a rare one-eyed coconut in the Philippines, is combined with other bio-active botanical oils crucial for promoting healthy hair growth.

One specific product that is ideal for people experiencing hair thinning or hair loss while using Ozempic is the HPx Ekakshi Oil Complex Active Hair & Scalp Serum; from very fine to coarse and coiled textures, this treatment can be done at home and can be added to your nighttime weekly hair care routine. Use one vial of serum once per week before bedtime. Apply serum to a dry scalp, concentrating on the areas where hair is thinning. Take a break from the busy world while gently massaging the serum into the scalp and hair for 5-10 minutes, covering all areas of the scalp. Do not rinse. Then, work excess oil into hair for extra conditioning benefits. Wake up the next morning knowing you’ve done your part in supporting your hair growth and washing out any existing oil residue left in your hair.