NAK Hair Volume Foam

When you think of volume foam, you might imagine it as too big and too bold. With NAK Hair’s Volume Foam, consider it as a party for your hair where boldness is never questioned. This versatile styling foam is designed to fill many roles, thickening your hair and delivering a firm hold that brushes out with ease. Blow-dry your way to perfection, enhancing your volume and adding that touch of fullness that turns heads everywhere you go.

The NAK Hair Volume Foam is your invitation to embark on a hair adventure, so why not take it? Be that person who struts through town flaunting max volume while feeling light as air. This volume foam isn’t just all about volume, it also provides extra shine and manageability all while leaving your hair feeling smooth and steady.

Picture the feeling of leaving the salon with a fresh, bouncy blowout – you can now achieve that feeling within your own home! According to reviewers, this product is a game-changer for combatting flat hair. Here’s your daily guide to a salon-worthy blowout: Grab a hair dryer, hair clips, a round brush, and of course the NAK Hair Volume Foam.

Volume starts in the shower, so you’re looking for an extra boost start with the NAK Hair Volume Shampoo and Volume Conditioner. After washing, apply a generous amount of the Volume Foam to damp hair, focusing on the roots for maximum lift. Section your hair using hair clips and follow the simple routine.

Pro Tip:  When sectioning your hair, no section should be wider than the barrel of the brush you’re using! Place the round brush under your section of hair and hold the hair dryer above the brush, as you dry each section roll the brush under and away from your face to create volume and a gentle curl for your ends. When you reach the roots, you’ll see even more of the magic the NAK Hair Volume Foam can create. Follow the same steps and use your round brush to lift your hair upwards as you dry. Be the queen you are and start the volume at the crown of your head, working your way through each section until your hair is fully dry. This volumized blowout won’t take long and can be used on days when you’re feeling like you need a little extra lift. 

If you’re feeling flat, be inspired to step out of your comfort zone with the NAK Hair Volume Foam and give your hair the boost it deserves! Live your life on full blast, making a statement with everything you do, including your hair.