Spiral Ballerina Bun

Spiral Ballerina Bun
A step by step by Juanmy Medialdea

Juanmy Medialdea Hair

Step One
 Brush the hair, apply shine spray, and curl sections with a 1"-1.25" curling iron.

Juanmy Medialdea Hair

Step Two
Divide the head into two sections, starting at the end of the eyebrow from side to side, passing under the crown of the head. Set aside the upper section with a clip.

Juanmy Medialdea Hair

Step Three
With the lower section (sideburns and nape) make a ponytail at the mid-nape level using a hairband, and on top of it, place padding to create a strong base for the bun.

Step Four
Release the upper section. Comb and smooth the whole section, bringing it to a point above the ponytail. Split it into two sections, twist each section inwards, and stack one on top of the other, securing each section with pins.

Juanmy Medialdea Hair

Step Five
Take out some small sections to achieve more volume.

Step Six
Take the two sections held by the pins and join them underneath the ponytail with a tight hairband.

Juanmy Medialdea Hair

Step Seven
Take the ponytail, twist it, and wrap it in a spiral shape over the padding. Secure with pins.

Step Eight
Continue shaping the spiral, defining lines, and anchoring everything around with flat hairpins into the padding.

Juanmy Medialdea Hair

Step Nine
Remove the pins, and you have a beautiful ballet bun completed.

Step Ten
Spiral ballerina bun, adorned with adhesive pearls to add a more sophisticated touch.

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