Scalp Scrubs as Self-Care

An Important  Part of Your Beauty Regimen 
by Mary Green for

Scalp ScrubsWho doesn’t want lustrous, silky-smooth hair? Scalp scrubbing – exfoliating your scalp to remove dead cells, dandruff, dirt, and excess oil – is a tried-and-tested way to keep your hair healthy and vibrant-looking. Scalp scrubs are offered as an add-on service at hair care salons, but you can also do them for yourself at home.

Incidentally, scalp scrubs do more than make your hair look beautiful – they also benefit your overall well-being and make excellent accompaniments to any self-care routine you may follow. Here are the health benefits of scalp scrubbing and offers some tips on incorporating it into your self-care routine: 

How do scalp scrubs help your health?

Scalp scrubs are directly beneficial for your hair health. They also have other side benefits:

  • Healthier scalp and hair: Primarily, scalp scrubs help make your scalp healthier. They relieve itching, get rid of dandruff and other buildup, alleviate dryness, and let your skin breathe. When your scalp is healthy, it becomes a nourishing environment for your hair to grow. The end result is beautiful, lustrous hair. IPSY explains scalp build-up in detail here.
  • Stress-relief: Scalp scrubbing involves you gently massaging your scalp, which can be incredibly relaxing and soothing. Stress has a way of building up in your head, face, jaw, neck, and shoulders. When you massage your scalp, it helps relieve the stress from these interconnected areas. Less stress automatically makes you healthier and happier. The American Therapy Massage Association covers the benefits of health massages here.  
  • Self-esteem: Last but not least, scalp scrubs can make your hair, and by extension you, much more attractive. When you look and feel beautiful, you get more compliments from people, and it makes you more confident in yourself. It can go a long way toward making you feel better about yourself. The University of Davis explains the health benefits of self-esteem here.

How do you use a scalp scrub?

Applying a physical scalp scrub is easy. First, wet your hair and section it (if you have long hair). Then put some scrub on your fingers and gently massage it in. Let it stay for a minute or two, as recommended in the instructions, and then rinse thoroughly. Afterward, shampoo and condition your hair as normal.

How often should you use a scalp scrub?

Usually, it’s best to scrub no more than once a week. You can do it more frequently if you have a condition you’re attempting to treat or if you have an oily skin type (which has extra buildup).

Exfoliating your scalp too much can be harmful to your skin as well as your hair. It can cause skin problems, irritation, and even hair loss. You should always scrub gently and use gentle ingredients. If in doubt, consult with a dermatologist.

How do you select a scalp scrub?

Your selection of scalp scrub is important – there are non-natural scrubs out there that hurt more than help. Here are some suggestions to help you make a good choice: 

  • Skin type: Everyone has a specific skin type: dry, normal, and oily, and some are more sensitive than others. Match your scrub to your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, use a moisturizing scalp scrub.
  • Ingredients: Go with natural ingredients. Chemical ingredients may have harmful side effects.
  • Scent: Scrubs with a good scent can be invigorating and make you smell good all day. If you have a sensitive nose, you will want a natural scent. 

Note: If you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies, test a small area of skin to make sure you don’t have a reaction before applying any ingredient all over on your scalp.

Make sure your self-care is balanced in other ways

Self-care is only effective if it addresses all your needs such as physical, mental, and emotional. That means you should look after yourself in other ways in addition to scalp scrubbing, as what you eat and drink can affect your scalp and skin condition. Consider eating healthy, exercising, and practicing activities like meditation and nature walking. Having a space at home, you can retreat to for quiet reflection or exercise will help you with self-care.

Scalp scrubs can help make your scalp healthier, make your hair look beautiful, and benefit your overall health and well-being. You will want to select a scalp scrub that matches your skin type and has all-natural ingredients. For the best results, always be gentle and don’t overexfoliate.

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