Award Show Trends

As we go through award show season, we see some of the hottest and not-so-hottest fashion trends. Some are so effortless you could do them at home with ease. There are a couple of hot hair trends that dominated the scene this year, taking style back to simpler times and simpler hairstyles.  

Here are some of the favorites from our friends at ApHogee for the season so far: 

Bobs, Bobs, and More Bobs

Hottest Award Show TrendsThis chic style that dominated in 2023 is rolling over into 2024, and we are not upset about it! Ayo Edebiris, current IT girl from Hulu's very own The Bear took a retro bob and made it her own. With many bobs hitting the carpet, it was hard to make a statement, but this sleek, off-centered part made it look so easy. Elegant and classic, this bob reminded us of old Hollywood with beautiful brunette tones falling just below her ears and flipped-out ends, making something so simple and yet so trendy. To accomplish this sleeker look yourself start by washing your hair with any ApHogee shampoo. After washing, towel dry hair and apply ApHogee’s ProVitamin Leave-In Conditioner; this leave-in is suitable for all hair types as it helps to smooth the hair and protects against thermal damage. Once your hair is ready to take on the heat, comb thoroughly and begin to straighten until you reach that “glass hair” look. Your straight-style bob will hold its own in any situation, even a red carpet.

Hottest Award Show Trends

Something a Little More Edgy

We love to see it when personality shines through different hair trends. With braids being an absolute staple look over the years, it’s nice to see some added flare to the style. Parted directly down the middle Ariana Greenblatts braid was the perfect combination of sophistication and edge. Reviving the curtain bang and bringing it into 2024 she left two small side pieces out to fall perfectly on her cheekbone giving off a chic and effortless style. Lathering on the leather, Greenblatt took the Critics’ Choice awards and made it her show. Weaving a piece of leather throughout the braid to match her outfit ApHogee thinks she rocked this trend with absolute finesse.

Hottest Award Show TrendsKing of Cool

Displaying ultimate swagger Lenny Kravitz brought back an old look and ApHogee is very much here for it!  Setting the standard for men’s dreadlocks, his fell just below the shoulders with volume that speaks for itself. To maintain healthy locks, it is recommended to use a protein treatment every so often. ApHogee Two-Step Treatment / Balancing Moisturizer Duo Packet is the perfect combination and solution for at-home dreadlocks care. Drastically reducing breakage, you’ll feel as confident as Kravitz rocking the carpet and the camera.

Hottest Award Show Trends

It Seems Like Every Celebrity Made a Bang This Year

With so many bangs and so many different ways to style, it was hard to pick a favorite. From Curtain Bangs to Birkin Bangs, Aubrey Plaza was feeling and stealing this trend. Putting her twist on it for the Emmys, she showcased fresh French Girl Bangs that fell just above her lashes. Wisping away, her bangs left her looking classier than ever; she opted to leave two longer pieces out of her some up some down look to frame her face setting the standard high for a messy-chic vibe.

As award show season continues to unveil our favorite celebrities’ trends, we highlight their unique style and individuality. Seeing new trends unfold to the revival of old trends ApHogee encourages you to try some of these styles at home! ApHogee applauds the bold choices made on the red carpet and wholeheartedly embraces all things hair.