Fine Hair Finesse

The frustrations of having fine hair are real. Finer hair tends to lay flat, stuck to your head and does not typically hold its shape when styled. According to Platform Educator Tyson Daniel, haircut and styling techniques, as well as the right products can make a world of difference for someone who has the limitations of fine or limp locks.

The limited haircut and style options have been a longtime challenge for fine-haired people. However, the good news is there are innovations in hair cutting techniques that have been part of the ever-evolving craft of hairdressing.

“Traditional precision cutting techniques don't always allow for extremely fine or thick hair,” says Daniel. “Over the last 25 years, I have personally taken this challenge to heart, for my clients in the salon and hairdressers around the world. I work with dry cutting techniques that call for the hair to be pre-styled from wet to voluminous finish. Then the hair is carefully shaped with an inside-out cutting technique that can be customized to create volume specifically where a client needs it most. This way the shape and style of the cut are created by trimming a minimal amount of hair for maximum effect.”

This seasoned hair pro also admits that a hairdresser can give you a fantastic cut and color, but if you don’t have the right tools and styling knowledge, it will just be ‘business as usual’ for you at home.

“What we really need is an open mind to handle our hair differently, and with better products,” adds Daniel, continuing, “so, here’s what I suggest. When your hair is freshly clean with Seven Volume shampoo and conditioner, apply Satara Seal spray to restore the PH level in your hair. Next, I love to use Borato Mousse at the roots and Beach spray all over to give extra volume and texture.”

He adds, “Here is the trick: blow dry the front of your hair first. I work with the hair around the face first for obvious reasons - No one takes a selfie from the back!”

According to Daniel, once you get the front the way you like, turn your head upside down. The secret for volume is to make sure your blow dryer is also pointed at the floor.

“Remember, dry from roots to ends, not ends to roots which can make hair flat. Then, you can curl or do some light ironwork for movement and dimension. Finish with Seven Dry Shampoo at the roots and Seven Classic Hairspray,” Daniel adds.

With fine and or limp hair, naturally, there are products that should be avoided. In general, Daniel recommends side-stepping anything from the grocery store. He feels that cheaper products, which typically translates to cheaper ingredients, are just a bad idea.

When asked about the type of products fine-haired folks should avoid, Daniel was quick to mention anything with wax, like pomades. Also, he feels that spray shines and glossing oils can be too heavy and may leave your locks limper that they started.

“I love Seven Working Spray to get the look set up, then Classic Hairspray to finish. It's strong enough without deflating the style or looking too lacquered,” Daniel quips in closing.