Curlific Serum

Curlific! Hydrating Curl SerumA must-have in any curly-girl’s hairstyling regime! 

A leader in providing serious hair care and protection solutions for textured and damaged hair, ApHogee has unveiled Curlific! Hydrating Curl Serum. 

This finishing serum is ideal for fine to coarse hair and wavy-coily hair types to restore elasticity. It is infused with effective ingredients including Quinoa Amino Acids. It works quickly and effectively to deliver a luxurious, luminous glossy shine to all types of curls and textured hair, while delivering hydration and light control with just the right amount of hold. 

To use Curlific! - apply a small amount to damp hair, using fingers to shape hair into preferred style. Use a diffuser or air-dry hair for gorgeously-conditioned curls that stay in place but with no “crunchy” hold.  

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