Effortless Hair @ NYFW

Lead Stylist Anthony Turner for Hot Tools embraced the natural texture of hair, highlighting the juxtaposition of matte and shiny texture to create a messy yet chic pulled back hair look. Pulling inspiration from Prabal Gurung’s SS19 collection that showcases the intersection of Nepalese heritage and global street style, Turner created a look for the woman who is on the go and pulls back her hair in an effortless way. 


  • Use Wella Professionals EIMI Extra Volume Mousse at the roots of the hair and then use fingers to pull the product through the remainder of the hair. Rough blow-dry with Hot Tools Black Gold Iconic Dryer, twisting hair to create waves.

  • Next, spray Wella Professionals EIMI Ocean Spritz throughout the hair until damp to create a matte texture. Blow dry again using Hot Tools Black Gold Iconic Dryer.

  • Once the hair is dry, use a Hot Tools Curling Iron to curl a few sections of hair and backcomb the remaining sections of hair to build volume and rough texture.

  • Once dry, spray Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift to add shine and build texture.

  • Gather and pull hair into a pony at the low back of the head and secure with an elastic.

  • Begin to pull out small sections of hair at the hairline to create volume and rough texture on top of the head. 

  • Next, spilt the pony in half. Take the top half, twist hair into a figure 8, and pin the hair at the top and side. Use Hot Tools XL Flat Iron to tame any unruly pieces. 

  • Twist the remaining half of the pony into a chignon, leaving 1-2 inches of the ends sticking out. Pull out pieces of hair for a messy, undone look.

  • Use Wella Professionals EIMI Stay Essential hairspray and set the top of the head and hair twist.

  • Finish the look by spraying both Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift and Ocean Spritz to dial up the combination of shiny and matte texture.

Backstage photos by Jason Hinmon