Nicole Miller NYFW

On the Runway - Classic Texture is New Again

At New York Fashion Week, Nicole Miller’s latest collection tastefully returned to the ‘80s with Pretty Woman-esque blazers, bold prints and a youthful Gen-Z twist. To play into the ‘80s mania, Oribe Director of Training & Content Kien Hoang tapped into a natural and unstructured texture. The result is a perfectly-done then un-done look inspired by the end of a night out on the town.

Get the Look:

1. Prep hair with Mystify Restyling Spray from roots to ends.

2. Add a touch of Sculpting Cream to the roots and create a deep side part with hands. For the most natural look, use hands instead of a comb.

4. Curl hair section-by-section using Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray and a ¾-inch iron.

5. Direct hair forward and create figure-8 shapes on top of the iron.

6. Allow hair to set.

7. Starting at the back of the head, brush hair out and spray with Flash Form Finishing Spray Wax.

8. Pump up the base with Dry Texturizing Spray.









Photos by Chris DeLorenzo