Hello Wave - FS-11-1241

A shorter men's cut with just a bit of length on top to flaunt any natural texture.

Blow-dry with a vent brush and then work in molding paste and fingerstyle to finish.

Hair: Yazmin Lopez

Fantastic Sams - Lake Elsinore, California 

Pon12-1459-Waved Finish

For a loosely curled look, Pon sprayed sections with PON International Turn it up styling spray and wrapped the section around a curling iron, holding the ends out. He alternated the curl direction for a true wave, avoiding the roots for a modern bohemian vibe.

PON International- Anaheim Hills, CA

Hair: Pon Saradeth

Makeup: Jaime Queenin

Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual

Flared-Outward Waves - FS11-1233

A flared-outward look utilizing long, curly layers with forward graduation. 

Use leave-in conditioner, smoothing balm and mousse layering each onto damp hair before blow-drying with a paddle brush. Flat iron the top and loosely curl the rest of the hair away from the face, misting with shine spray and finishing spray to finalize the hairstyle.

Hair: Bridgett Inmon

Fantastic Sams - Marina Del Rey, California 

Ribbon Waves - FS-10-1205

Fantastic Sams stylist Louise Corales of Upland, California applied a long layered cut for Alyssa with some texture through her side-bangs. Fantasticstyle Thermal Guard and Styling Foam were layered on her damp hair before blow-drying with a vent brush. Larger sections were curled around a larger iron to leave a series of big bends through the length. 

Windblown Waves - FS-10-1199

Daisey wanted to soften up her look and add a more feminine flare so Patti Mead of Fantastic Sams in Yorba Linda, California started by lightening up the base color and adding highlights on top. Next, she cut long layers and added a side-bang. Straightening balm was worked through towel-dried hair before blow-drying with a round brush and flat ironing to add control through the bang. Long spirals were created with a curling rod and were broken up with Patti’s fingers to soften the curls.

PON12-1456-Wavy Bob

Ashley’s almost solid, light blonde hue washed her out while overgrown layers made her hair look too long and unpolished. Pon (Saradeth of PON International in Anaheim Hills, California) cut a better length, touched up the roots and then added a neutral lowlight to provide some much-needed dimension.

VPS12-1436-Fabulously Flared

Gretchen’s long, lovely locks feature diagonal forward layers with long, swooping bangs. After creating this cut, Victor Paul - owner of Victor Paul Salon, added a few copper accent pieces through her golden honey blonde hair for a unique but soft dimension.

PON12-1448-Wavy Shag

For a textured look, Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode was misted on all over on dry hair and then Pon loosely curled sections with a one-inch iron. Once all sections were curled, Surf Spray was added and pieces were twisted and finger styled into place. PON International Da flex was used at the very end for long-lasting hold.

PON International – Anaheim Hills, CA (USA)

Hair: Pon Saradeth

Makeup: Jaime Queenin

Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual

Wavy Mod Mullet SK-10-1174

A loose bend through the length of this modern mullet is topped off with smooth roots and bangs.

Apply working spray on dry hair and wrap sections loosely around a tapered curling rod in random directions. Take larger sections in front and around the middle and smaller sections on the bottom and through the top for a mix of texture and more wave through the length.

Salon Kavi of San Mateo – San Mateo, CA

Cut and Style: Elaine Nicdao

Color: Sara Espinoza

Makeup: Amber Skinner




Wavy A-Line SK-10-1169

A wavy A-line bob with heavy side fringe, this cut is graduated up in the back with fullness on top while hugging the neck in back.

Mist small sections of dry hair with working spray and wrap each around a medium curling iron, alternating curl direction back and forth from section to section for a wavy finish.

Salon Kavi of San Mateo – San Mateo, CA

Color: Mia Helms

Cut by: Leigh Lee

Makeup: Victoria Pelaez