Mixed-Pixie -TDS16-1363

This short blonde coif flaunts an icy finish with fun sparks of blue and teal.

Get The Look: Apply Goldwell Kerasilk Reconstruct blow dry spray and Control smoothing fluid to damp hair. Flat wrap hair against the shape of the head while drying with a Denman brush. Work through Texture Wax and finalize with Big Finish hair spray.

The David Salon – Costa Mesa, CA

Hair: Sarah Shimkus

Makeup: Jennifer Combs

Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual

Edged Side Braid -16-1348

Hair: Craig Smith - Fruition

Makeup: Kylie O’Toole

Stylist: Vittorio Masciarelli

Photography: Andrew O’Toole

Bed-Headed -16-1347

Hair: Craig Smith - Fruition

Makeup: Kylie O’Toole

Stylist: Vittorio Masciarelli

Photography: Andrew O’Toole

Wave Topped -17-1336

Hair: Alejandro Azurmendi

Assistant: Laura Irure

Makeup: Centro Beta

Wardrobe Styling: Visori Fashionart

Photography: David Arnal

Fringe & Flair -17-1324

Hair: Ashleigh Hodges

Makeup Artist: Gemma Kimmings

Wardrobe Stylist: Mash Mombelli

Photography: Barry Jeffery

Piecey Pixie - SCS-1282

This very round style has short convex layers and weight in the crown. The edge is softened to give a piece-y feel and then lots of texture is added to help unlock natural wave.

Apply texture cream to damp hair and diffuse dry to help activate natural wave. Apply a lighter texture paste to piece the wispy bits around your face.

Studio C Salon - Irvine, CA

Hair: Steve Webber

Makeup: Irma Tumilty

Curled A-Line - SCS-11-1280

A disconnected A-line bob with a very tight nape in back and short, arched orphan bangs that have an asymmetric quality.

To give an edge with a curly finish, roll vertical sections of dry hair with a flat iron, alternating the curl direction for an undone wave. Run your fingers back through the hair to undo the sections and then add spray wax and pomade to finish.

Studio C Salon- Irvine, CA

Hair: Daniella Faubion-Kelley

Makeup: Daniella Faubion-Kelley

Bombshell Waves - NM-11-1272

Nicole took larger sections, misted the hair with Heated Defense to protect hair from the heat as well as giving a medium hold, wrapped each briefly around a small curling iron to warm up the hair and then threaded sections through a wave clip. Lower sections of hair from underneath were wrapped around a medium roller.

Vintage Finger Waves - FS-11-1263

Vintage finger waves wander through this short bob, starting with some natural wave.

Create very deep finger waves using a fine-toothed comb and styling clips on damp hair that has been applied with styling cream. Braid the very back just at the bottom and pin into place. After drying completely, then remove the clips from the finger waves and detail delicate pieces into place using pomade.

Hair: Ryan DiGregorio

Fantastic Sams 

Broken Up Waves - FS-11-1260

Ashley’s naturally fine and straight hair was brightened up by adding some warm tones and then was worked into soft, flow-y curls to keep with the 50’s sort of image. To style, Ryan started with damp hair, applied styling cream and roller set medium to large pie-shaped slices using one-inch rollers. After drying the hair completely under a hood dryer, she undid the rollers and finger-styled everything into place. She touched up with a one-inch iron at the ends to give a current, broken up look.