Bree’s hair was shoulder length with a fair amount of damage. It was broken off on the sides and her color was a solid, but flat blond hue.

Stylist Jennifer Scott started the new look with the color. She applied medium beige blond low light then added platinum highlights for dimension. In addition to some blond pieces, deep purple extensions were added in under the bangs and on the sides for a fun peek-a-boo effect.


Sarah has square cut shoulder length layers by Nicole Ankenman of The David Salon with blunt face-framing fringe. Her natural red color was enhanced to a golden red base with a very fine weave of copper gold highlights and medium copper low lights all over.

For large waves all over, Nicole used setting spray on one-inch square sections of dry hair and then wrapped each section around a one-inch curling iron. Once the entire head was curled, a brush was run through to blend the sections and create a soft, flowing movement.


An above the shoulder bob with softly dimensional blonde tresses. The length was undercut to allow it to round under on the ends and the front was over-directed to the back, which provided more length. The very bottom was lightly layered to give more movement and thin out her overly thick hair just slightly.

This look is highly textured with a fun movement through the style. Take 1-inch sections and curl all over with a ½-inch iron. Use pomade coated hands and scrunch through the curls to shape the style and then mist with hairspray to finish off.


Shoulder length hair is layered all over then a blended side-swept fringe was added to frame the face.

For a highly textured style, volumizing lotion was worked into damp hair before blow-drying with the head upside down to help provoke volume. Once dry, KMS Hairstay medium hold spray was misted on 2-inch sections before wave-ironing all the way through. Sections were backcombed around the top for lift, then pieced with Configure Cream by KMS and applied with more hairspray to finish.


For Dorian, stylist Amber Johnson of Fantastic Sams in Riverside, California cut an ultra-short fade with ever-so-slight length on top. It’s the perfect cut to keep you cool in any heated situation.


Debby Ryan’s light copper strands show off a soft Ombre effect with loosely tousled waves.

Add styling lotion (or smoothing balm if you have curly or coarse hair) before blow-drying smooth using a round brush.  Mist large vertical sections of dry hair with working spray and wrap loosely around a large curling iron. Hold in place a few seconds to set the curl and then release. Continue with all sections, rolling hair away from your face.  Break up curls with your fingers, tousle hair slightly and then mist with a medium hold finishing spray to finish.


Darby Stanchfield goes for smooth roots and ribbon-like waves through the length of her red brown hairstyle.


Flirty bangs add airiness to Alexis Bledel’s shoulder-touching waves.


Chloe Grace Moretz’s messy side braid offers fun texture to offset the smooth, neatly parted roots.


Tousled waves give Claire Holt’s short, side-parted hairstyle a fun appeal.

Add texture spray and rough-dry your hair with just your fingers. Mist dry hair all over with working spray, hold onto the ends and wrap small sections around a small curling rod or iron (leaving the ends out). Hold in place a few seconds to set the curl and then release. Continue with all sections alternating the curl direction from section to section.  Break up sections with your fingers and then pinch and twist the ends using a small amount of styling wax. Mist with a medium hold finishing spray.