Bombshell Length CH-10-1108

Starting with thin, flat, mid-length hair, Nina Berea brightened up Brandi’s color to a stunning platinum blonde hue. Next Nona Maria added six bundles of #S600 (Alpine Blonde), two bundles of #S613 (White Blonde) in 22-inch lengths and three bundles of 20-inch Fantasy Bright Red. After blending the extensions in, Steve French finished off the look by curling large sections with a large iron. He backcombed at the crown for height and pushed her bangs to the side and then coaxed the curls into softly rolling curves.

Cinderella Hair

Color: Nina Berea

Beachy Blonde - SP-16-01091

Stylist: Jessica Gonzalez 

Model/Wardrobe/Makeup: Caisa Airmet 

Videographer/Photographer: Huck Hinshaw 

Photos and video courtesy of PRAVANA 

Oil Slick Layers - SP-16-01089

Pravana Guest Artist and Colorist Jessica Gonzalez from Sally Hershberger LA created a gorgeous, soft, spring version of the oil slick hair trend using the new Vivids jewel-toned shades combined with pastel colors by Pravana. By incorporating deep, inky strands into the softer shades, the final result is a perfectly colorful, multidimensional transition into the warmer spring and summer months! Mix and match the shades of your choice for your best oil slick yet!

Tousled Wave - SK-09-01031

To style this coarse and wavy hair, Kérastase Mousse Volumactive is worked in all over before blow-drying smooth with a Mason Pearson brush. Once dry, take random one-inch sections and wrap each around different areas of a tapered curling rod.  This technique gives a loose texture all over. Once the entire head is done, shake the hair out using Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine on your fingers. Kérastase Double Force is then misted over the surface to provide soft all day hold.

Salon Kavi – San Mateo, CA

Color: Victoria Pelaez

Cut / Style: Marnie Perini

Piecey Waves - PON-09-01020

Candace originally had a hair length that went to the middle of her back with some grown out and chunky previous color. Sara Wayne of PON International created a fresh new look by warming up the base color to a rich golden brown and then applied soft champagne inspired highlights.

Tousled Waves - S-15-00977

Tousled waves and a large swoop in front give this above shoulder bob movement.

Soft Bends - S-11-00973

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's soft bends are topped with a center part.


Valerie’s hair was a basic mid length. It was all grown out with no shape or defined style. Her color was very flat with a one-dimensional dark brown.

Stylist Kaytee Varchetto started Valerie’s style transformation by cutting a classic A-line shape with exaggerated length in front.  She applied soft side bangs and then went back in and modernized the look by texturizing all over. This added movement to her hair and would help to unlock the versatility of the cut.