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Alan Benfield BushAlan Benfield Bush, one of the industry's leading experts, offers his expert advice about color trends for the season.

Q: Is the Ombré / Sombré haircolor craze over or is it just getting into high gear?
A: Creative ombré, sombré, balyage and multi-dimensional haircolor trends are still raging in popularity! Today, there are quicker, newer and more creative techniques to make your hair glow beautifully for spring and summer hair fashions.

Q: How is this trend evolving and where do you see it going this spring and summer?
A: This new season will provide women with new haircolor adventures with a variety of creatively mixed and unusual silver / greys, blues,ambers, peach, and pastels. For example, the ambers will border on red for fiery hot new summer haircolor. Ombré will still be in vogue fashion, yet there really are many new color techniques available today to help you show off your personal image with a distinctive and sophisticated new look.

Q: In general, what haircolor trends can we look forward to this spring for blondes, brunettes and redheads?
A: Blonding and redhead highlights with subtle to strong makeovers will always be popular in the spring and summer. Professional haircolorists will help blondes with beautiful new multi-dimensional blondes in the haircolor, highlights and lowlights. Many brunettes will be wearing more of the newest blue/black haircolor effects.
Q: Will you share new haircolor range and haircolor placement trends?
A: Many of the newest short to medium length haircuts will help the haircolor show off the vibrancy of the haircolor shades with the haircut used to dimensionalize the total look with bold cuts, lines and layering effects. Visit with your professional hair designer and haircolorist to ask for a complimentary consultation. Ask for them to share some exciting new spring haircut and haircolor options. Many professional salon haircolor services will be more advanced than in previous seasons. Some will be using fewer foils for haircolor effects and it will be a new beauty technique.
Q: Is there anything else you can share about the newest spring / summer haircolor trends?
A: There are many professional haircolor products to protect and enhance your haircolor. For example, Your Haircare System created and just launched an exciting new Tropical Elixir as an innovative new multi-purpose professional haircolor enhancer, protector, conditioner, shine therapy, styling and texturizing product. With a comprehensive certified organic blend of about 20 essential oils, they have created a unique new oil to maintain hair in its best possible condition with maximum shine and to protect haircolor. These lightweight exotic tropical elixir oils are rich in Vitamin E, minerals, antioxidants, proteins and essential fatty acids. YHS Tropical Elixir protects color-treated hair from excessive fading and damage. It adds a beautiful shine that leaves the hair with a lustrous and smooth finish; by locking in extra moisture. Tropical Elixir can be used on wet or dry hair for styling and added texture. Blow dry time is also dramatically reduced. Healthy and beautiful results are always ensured. Many women will also be using professional salon specialty haircolor shampoos like the Você Haircare Deep Purple Shampoo to accentuate and keep their haircolor shiny, lustrous and healthy.

Alan Benfield Bush
Alan Benfield Bush is one of the most recognized educators and motivational speakers in the professional salon industry. He has received many awards for his systematic educational presentations and formula-based teaching methods. Bush is best known for his educational systems and was names famous protégé of Vidal Sassoon’s. He has been a specialized educational consultant for Paul Mitchell and many more haircare companies. His primary focus remains to empower and enrich the lives and hearts of hair design engineers using his advanced education techniques. Bush remains sincerely dedicated to help hairstylists improve their artistic skills and business acumen. 

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