Ask The Experts - Dr. Alex Khadavi

Dr. Alex Khadavi

We recently caught up with Dr. Alex Khadavi, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Advanced Hair & Skin, Inc., for some professional advice for achieving youthful, glowing skin. 

Q: What is your best anti-aging advice for skin?

• Sunscreen
• Outer protection as much as possible
• Exfoliate & moisturize 

Q: What sort of professional treatments are available?
A: Microneedling is something that I use in my office frequently for skin rejuvenation. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, increases volume, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and increases radiance. It has little to no downtime and is safer than ablative lasers and provides almost the same results.

Q: What sort of daily regime do you recommend to men and women?
A: Sunscreen! I recommend Rejuve MD Anti-Aging Tinted SPF because it not only contains the physical SPF 30 protection needed in a standard sunscreen but also helps to protect from photoaging. It’s the perfect combination of protection on a daily basis and helping to reverse the current signs of aging.

Q: At what age should this regimen be started?
Yesterday. You’re in constant contact with the sun, even on a cloudy day, and sunscreen is the only way to protect from the number one cause of premature aging, which is sun damage.

Q: What should men and women look for in a facial cleansing product? How about a moisturizing product?
Most people tend to over cleanse the skin. I recommend using gentle cleansers no more than once daily so as not to dry out the skin in order to use artificial moisturizers to re-moisturize the skin.  The best moisturizers are ones that moisturize all day with ingredients to rebuild the barrier of the skin.  Always look for moisturizers that are non-comedogenic (non-acne forming) and dermatologist tested.

Q: What is the latest technology for skin care?
: Bio-identical growth factors that are fairly new are powerful ingredients that I use in my Rejuve MD anti-aging line. These Bio-Identical Growth Factors are highly effective because they look and act just like the growth factors that are found naturally in young skin. Peptides are just a small piece of a growth factor so think of the results people see with peptide serums and then multiply it. These messenger molecules are the future of anti-aging.

Dr. Khadavi serves as an Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Southern California and also practices at his premier dermatology centers, Encino and Thousand Oaks Dermatology & Laser Centerswhich specialize in facial rejuvenation, skin cancer therapy, acne treatments, and hair loss solutions.