The Color Scene

We recently caught up with Lisa Whiteman, an award-winning hairdresser, and expert colorist, to discuss upcoming color trends for fall and into winter. Here's what she had to say... 

Q: What sort of trends will we be seeing with hair color/colour this fall and into the winter season?

A: For blondes, I see a shift that adds cooler toned lites or soft coppery/peachy tones depending on your skin tone for autumn/ and into winter. This will add depth and shine without going darker. 

I envision brunettes with violet under tones or coppery chestnuts dimensions. For redheads, muted coppers and reds with slices of monochromatic tones running through the mid lengths and ends will be popular.

In terms of fashion colors, I see the pastels becoming more vibrant and bolder. Stronger ombré pastels with the root colour being the darker pastels and then lightening and softening mid lengths to ends etc.

Q: How will color / colour placement be evolving this coming season?

A: I see color placement evolving with stronger slices of monochromatic tones inside the hair to add shape, depth and texture to haircuts. 

Q: What will be popular for mainstream clients?

A: A lot of girls are embracing their roots because it's softer on their skin. I see a lot more variations to classic ombré becoming much more mainstream.  

Q: What about more daring clients?

A: I think that more daring individual clients will go for brighter yellows and greens for the autumn. And possibly some turquoise shades too. 

Q: Will fashion colors/color combinations still carry over into the cooler months and if so, how are they evolving?

A: They are definitely evolving into stronger more vibrant pure tones for winter. As the darkness descends, the hair will be getting brighter.  

Q: In terms of color care (color retention), what's your general recommendation to clients?  

A: Always use the shampoo and conditioner that your stylist/colorist recommends. It's not just a hard sell. It will definitely stop the color from washing straight down the shower tray. 

Q: Do you have a favorite hair care line or lines for color care? 

A: I love Goldwell Kerasilk. It's weightless in the hair and contains the ultimate ingredients for both heat and UV protection. As well as the colour shampoo being sulphate free, it also looks sophisticated and sexy on your bathroom shelf. 

Lisa Whiteman is an award-winning hairdressing and expert colorist with over 30 years of experience. An International Goldwell Artist and U.K. Ambassador for Goldwell, Lisa is also the co-owner of the Mayfair salon, Webster Whiteman in London.

Image Credits

Hair: Lisa Whiteman, Webster Whiteman

Makeup: Lauren Mathis

Clothes: Bernard Connolly

Photography: Barry Jeffery

Colour on Georgia (peach): Dan Fasey