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David Bickle of The David SalonIndustry veteran David Bickle of The David Salon in Costa Mesa, California steps up to address some of your hair questions.

Q: I have been using a blow dry salon for in between haircuts and color services so I can have a fresh blowout a couple of times a week. How come more full-service salons don’t offer this service?
A: I don’t know too many salons that actually don’t offer shampoo and blow-dries as a’ la Carte services. You just have to ask for it or look on the salon menu. If your usual stylist is too busy to work you in for regular blow-dries above and beyond your cut and or color appointment, ask if their assistant or any newer stylists can take you on for that part.

Q: What is your best advice for someone who wants to grow out his or her hair?
A: Let your stylist know what your long-term goals are so they can help get you there. Growing hair out is a process and it takes time and some planning. Above all, don’t stop having your hair trimmed, just prolong the time between cuts and have less hair cut each time. It’s very important to keep some sort of shape with your hair, transitioning from one style to another as the length grows longer and longer. Also, do not allow the ends to split or it will defeat your purpose. Consider having a semi-permanent color done to help seal the ends and prevent splits in the first place. Also, keep your hair in good shape protecting it from heat, sun and the elements, as well as keeping it conditioned with the right balance of moisturize and or protein.

Q: What are some of the best ways to dress up a bob, making it look pretty for night?
A: When you see someone with an elegant look, it usually has more of a hot roller set or curling iron work; so one idea is to put more effort into it. Basically do the opposite of how you style your bob each day. Step up with some ironwork, dressing it up by producing some flowing or bodified waves. Play with some wax on your fingers and create some volume and pliable movement, hitting your strands with hairspray to go for a stronger hold. You can also push all hair off to one side, tight to the head, and accent the other side with curl, wave and volume. Add some accessories; a jeweled comb, clip, or barrette or even a broach and you’re set for an evening out.

Q: How can I keep my hair color looking salon fresh longer?
A: I think it does make a difference to use a manufacturer’s shampoo line for that particular color brand. For example, we use both Aveda and Goldwell for our color services and typically recommend their compatible color care lines for shampoo and conditioners. I find that they are formulated with their color in mind and tested for the best possible longevity. Also, don’t be afraid to go a couple of days without shampooing your hair, opting instead for a dry shampoo to refresh your roots as needed all while slowing fading.

Q: What are the best ways to add volume to otherwise limp hair?
A: I personally like KMS Hair Stay Style Boost, which is a hair foam for adding volume, lift and body to hair. It’s a strong mousse that is especially great in finer, even limp hair. Simply apply on damp hair where you want lift and volume and blow dry in sections using a round brush. Lift up on these sections for root lift and roll the brush several times to go for a bend through the length.

Q: What’s the best way to eliminate frizz?
A: Frizz has much to do with the amount of moisture in hair, the natural texture and the amount of humidity in the air. Keeping hair well hydrated is naturally a good idea anyway as the health of your hair depends on the right balance of both protein and moisture.  Also naturally curly hair tends to inherently be thirsty, so amp up even more moisture for coiled tresses. Add high humidity to the mix and frizz-prone hair can go haywire. Smoothing serums or lotions and other products can help keep the frizz at bay. In fact, KMS has dedicated an entire line to the issue; it’s called Tame Frizz

Q: I keep hearing that curls are making a comeback. Is this true or just hype by the perm companies?
A: Right now waves are very popular and will be for a while, but we are starting to see some versions of looser curl again. Not the overly tight permed curls of the past, but a mix of texture that gives movement to hair. As far as “perms”, they are now called texture services and the technology as well as the quality of the product has really come a long way in recent years. We use them in the salon mainly for body waves or spot texture services.

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