Switching It Up

Take your at-shoulder length into a variety of finished looks using just a handful of products and tools. Salon owner Pauline McCabe at Rock Paper Scissors Hair Studio in Fremantle, Western Australia shows us how it's done starting with long layers that hit the chin and below. As an accomplished session artist, Pauline knows how to maximize a good blowout and create quick switch ups for fashion week and on set for a multitude of photo and video projects. 

Look 1: Amped Up & Over

After rough-drying hair with your fingers, mist sections with Session Spray and curl loosely around a large curling wand. Rub a dab of Night Rider on your hands and then finger through hair to break up section. Push hair to one side and tuck behind the ear. Piece through sections with your fingers to define the waves. Mist with Session Spray to hold in place.

Look 2: Tousled Perfection

Go with smaller sections of dry hair and wrap around a medium curling rod while holding the end of the section. Hold in place for a few seconds and then release. Once all hair is curled, mist Hair Resort Spray and tousle lightly to create beachy waves.

Look 3: Barely Bent

Starting with smooth, dry hair and wrap larger sections around a large curling rod, alternating curl direction. Brush through the hair to create big bends an then perfect pieces around the face by piecing with Easy Rider. 

Look 4: Tuck & Bend

Use the previous style but brush through with a soft bristle brush to smooth out the waves. Add Powder Puff styling powder at the crown and backcomb as needed for added height. Leaving a few small pieces out, tuck the rest of the hair behind the ears.

Look 5: Go Glam

Start with a curvy blowout, drying sections of hair with a round brush and lifting up from the base to produce root lift. Once dry, mist small sections of hair with Session Spray and wrap around a medium curling iron or wand. Hold in place to set the curl and let go. Once all hair is curled, add Free Hold styling paste and emulsify on your hands. Run fingers through hair, pushing up and over to one side and tucking the other side behind the ear.

Look 6: Not-So-Perfectly Polished 

Blow dry for volume with a round brush and then mist large sections of dry hair with Session Spray. Wrap around an extra-large "bumper" curling iron, hold a few seconds to set the curl an then release. Mist with Bedroom Hair and tousle hair to break up sections. Create a deep side part and push the rest of the hair to the other side. 

Hair: Pauline McCabe at Rock Paper Scissors Hair Studio, Fremantle, Western Australia •  Photographer: Liam Rhyss Jones • Makeup: Kinga Markovich • Wardrobe Stylist: Luke Meakins • Designer: Aurelio Costerella • Model: Paige Atkinson at Viviens Model Management