Day Into Night Styling

With ever-busy lifestyles, we all consider creative and quick ways to take our look from daytime work-friendly into playful nights, or vice versa. Our style savvy friends across the pond have some suggestions for making the most of what we call Transitional Hairstyling…where one look works seamlessly into another with just a few quick steps. Let's take a look...

“If you have long hair, blow dry it wavy and wear it up in a high pony tail during the day. This way, it looks super on trend and your blow dried waves won’t be weighed down before the evening. Take it down for the evening and wear it long and loose, or pin it up into a relaxed chignon style."

"For short hair, opt for a floppy and relaxed look during the day, taking it into a gelled back smooth and sleek style for the night time. I especially love this look on styles with an undercut!”

-Marcus King, Hooker & Young in Newcastle, England

“After a full day at work, our hair doesn’t always feel it’s freshest and ready to go out in the evening. Utilise that gritty feeling by trying out some of your favourite up-dos. For example, those fallen curls can easily go up into a messy bun or a textured braid!”

-Kerry Mather, KJM Salons in Fleet, England

“Braided hair is the perfect way to switch up your style from day to evening. Keep your braids sleeker and smoother through the day, then tease and pull apart for a disheveled evening look!"

"Curl your hair in the morning before brushing and twisting into a chignon, securing with pins. Avoid elastic as this will cause the hair to have a bend! This style gives you a simple and chic daytime up-do. Take out the pins and shake out your hair for a glamorous bouncy blow out look. Tip your head upside down and spray in hairspray from underneath to create even more body and movement. For those wanting to switch it up, do it in reverse. Run through a glossy serum before twisting into a chic bun to tame and smooth excessive flyaway hairs.”

-James Taylor, Barrie Stephen Hair in Leicester, England