A Statement In Color

Give a colorist a little freedom to create whatever they want and naturally, there's going to be an edge. Whether it's done on a classic bob or an off-the-scale geometric cut, the transition of hues and the purposeful placement of color makes the overall look come alive!

A Statement In ColorHair: Chrystofer Benson

These offset haircuts are beautifully balanced with highly personalized color. Each prismatic placement provides a wonderful sense of asymmetry that draws the eye inward and then lets the gaze dance along the edges.

A Statement In ColorHair: Luis Gonzalez

Starting with a deep base, this placement of hues provides a transitional appeal. The look of the color changes based on how the hair is styled. Add some movement and the overall style takes on a new appeal.

A Statement In ColorHair: Michelle Schlottman

Edge-hugging hues add both depth and interest in an otherwise sleek transition of one color to the next. The ultimate placement to accentuate the lines of a geometric haircut.

All three of these artists were nominees for hair color for the 2018 North American Hairstyling Awards. Photos courtesy of the Professional Beauty Association (PBA).  See the finalists and the winners.