2018 NAHA Winners

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The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) is considered one of the most prestigious photographic beauty competitions in North America. Produced by the Professional Beauty Association (PBA), the NAHA competition took place on Sunday, July 29, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event concluded with a star-studded celebration honoring some of beauty's most talented artists. Here's who took home the coveted awards for 2018...

NAHA 2018 AG Winner Silas TsangNAHA 2018 Avant Garde Winner: Silas Tsang of Blushes Salon Ottawa, ON

NAHA 2018 ESOY Winner Mandy MacFaddenNAHA 2018 Stylist of the Year Winner: Mandy MacFadden of Salon Decorum Newmarket, ON

NAHA 2018 Haircolor Winner Lori ZabelNAHA 2018 Haircolor Winner: Lori Zabel of Dop Dop Salon San Diego, CA

NAHA 2018 Rodrigo Araneda Winner HaircuttingNAHA 2018 Haircutting Winner: Rodrigo Araneda of Olab Coiffeurs Montreal, QC

NAHA 2018 HOY Winner Danielle KeaslingNAHA 2018 Hairstylist of the Year Winner: Danielle Keasling of Salon Karma Bluffton, SC

NAHA 2018 Makeup Winner David MaderichNAHA 2018 Makeup Artist of the Year Winner: David Maderich, New York, NY

NAHA 2018 MSOY Winner Silas TsangNAHA 2018 Master Stylist of the Year Winner: Silas Tsang of Blushes Salon Ottawa, ON

NAHA 2018-P8-MensSOY Winner Jamie DiGraziaNAHA 2018 Men's Stylist of the Year Winner: Jamie DiGrazia of Logan Parlor Chicago, IL

NAHA 2018-Nails Prof Winner Sarah NguyenNAHA 2018 Nail Professional of the Year Winner: Sarah Nguyen of Ammon Carver Studio New York, NY

NAHA 2018-Newcomer Winner Reno PrezioNAHA 2018 Newcomer Stylist of the Year Winner: Reno Prezio of Bellus Academy Valley Center, CA

NAHA 2018 Lara Leckie Winner Salon School Design of the YearNAHA 2018 Salon/School Design of the Year Winner: Lara Leckie of Studio So Lara Valley Guelph, ON

NAHA 2018 Ali Haller Winner Student HOYNAHA 2018 Student Hairstylist of the Year Winner: Ali Haller, Aveda Institute Denver Highlands Ranch, CO

NAHA 2018 Frank Cini Winner Styling & FinishingNAHA 2018 Styling & Finishing Winner: Frank Cini of Taz Hair Co. Highlands Toronto, ON

NAHA 2018 Charlie Price Winner Team of the YearNAHA 2018 Team of the Year Winner: Charlie Price of Beauty Underground Highlands Littleton, CO

NAHA 2018 Michelle O’Connor Winner TextureNAHA 2018 Texture Winner: Michelle O’Connor of JCP Highlands North Miami, FL

NAHA 2018 Haircolor Winner Lori ZabelNAHA 2018 People's Choice Winner: Lori Zabel of Dop Dop Salon San Diego, CA



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