Color Play

By removing over-complicated formulas out of the equation, and stripping back the creative process to simply play with color, hair colorist Kristie Kesic and stylist Elle Broadhurst crafted these wildly fun color-infused creations.
“We reminisced on the wonder and delight of craft as a child, smearing colors together in a butterfly painting or using hands and fingers to mix paints, seeing captivating new colors come to life.” - Kristie Kesic

Kristie KesicKristie Kesic HairstylistKristie Kesic HairstylistKristie Kesic HairstylistKristie Kesic Hairstylist

Anna Barroca Hairstylist

Hair Colorist | Kristie Kesic 
Hair Stylist | Elle Broadhurst
Kristie Kesic & Elle Broadhurst 
Makeup | Gemma Elaine 
Wardrobe | Tamzen Holland 
Photography | Georgia Wallace 

Cobelle Creative
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