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Taking inspiration from the current political climate - both domestically and abroad, the SPGW Hair team set out to connect the world of beauty to satire. Aptly dubbed Covfefe, this editorial collection by Portland’s Raul Sanchez, Mark Putnam, Thad Grace, and Dylan Welch (hence SPGW) is proudly designed to provoke deep-reaching thought, using the medium they know best: hair. No matter what side of the aisle one’s political persuasions may sway, with this collection, we all meet in the center to revel in the insight and, above all, to respect the team’s right to free expression

Covfefe by SPGW Hair
We sat down with the team at SPGW Hair to delve into the hows and whys of their thought-provoking collection. Our goal was to gather insight into what was involved in the collection's creation and how it all came to be. Let's listen in...

FOH: What message did you want others to take away from your collection?
SPGW Hair Team: We didn’t really think of this in terms of other people’s take away – it was more about a personal and collective expression of our own thoughts on the political climate of this country.  What other people take away from it is certainly interesting to us – but as with most artistic expression, it was not the motive here.

FOH: Do you consider your collection to be propaganda art?
SPGW Hair Team: No, we would not consider this collection propaganda art, as propaganda art is meant to deliberately spread information, ideas or rumors to either help or harm someone or something – we had no intention to help or harm.  Satirical art makes more sense for this collection – especially in the sense of holding up shortcomings, abuses, foolishness, lack of good sense etc. for others to examine for themselves.  It is, however, an expression of our beliefs and thoughts on the current political climate.

FOH: How would you respond to an individual who finds the collection offensive?
Covfefe by SPGW HairSPGW Hair Team: We suppose it would be interesting to hear why or how someone is offended by these images – but we would imagine that those that are offended hold an opposing political view than we do or that the collection depicts – and everyone has the right to be offended if they so choose.  Art and one’s expression of thought and ideas through art are supposed to spark people – sometimes that spark takes offense and that’s okay. 

FOH: Describe your process for creating this collection.
SPGW Hair Team: Two of the four SPGW Hair owners were having a conversation one day about a window display. Although unusual [perhaps], the conversation about politics comes up often at SPGW Hair. From the conversation about the window display came the idea of having a photo shoot.  The subject is quite clear – so we researched and landed on three distinctive looks shown all throughout social media and decided to put together a collection based on this.

FOH: What are some of the Easter eggs that you have included that some may not notice?
SPGW Hair Team: There are country representative flags in each shot. The three wise monkeys of Mizaru are represented in each shot (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil). Also, there is at least one serendipitous moment captured that we considered a bonus.

FOH: Where all of your team members of the same political mindset?
SPGW Hair Team: Yes – we are all of a similar mindset but also sit on the same political side.

Covfefe by SPGW HairFOH: What were some of your biggest challenges is creating the looks and or this collection?
SPGW Hair Team: There were really no challenges.  We went into this to have fun and create a satirical collection, to create team cohesiveness and creatively “let off some steam,” so to speak. There was no pressure to deliver for a client or outside source – it really just unfolded itself.

About SPGW Hair
The SPGW Hair team has over 100 years combined experience in the beauty industry. Three team members have been salon owners, one a salon manager, and all four have been educators. Work from the team has been featured in both U.S. and international publications.  So far, one SPGW team member is a two-time NAHA winner.

Editor's Note: It is not our policy, nor our intention, to take sides politically. However, we felt the need to acknowledge this team's efforts and to commend them for making their statement tastefully while maintaining every sense of decorum. 

 Hair: SPGW Hair Team - Raul Sanchez, Mark Putnam, Thad Grace, and Dylan Welch

 Makeup & Wardrobe: Kymm Ernst  •  Photography: David Emmite  •  Behind the Scenes Photos: Kaylene Putnam

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Covfefe by SPGW Hair

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