La Capsule

La Capsule is a representation of three diametrically opposed characters: the Softness of the Wave, the Strength of the Tree, and the Violence of the Spikes for a very specific hair focus. Imagined and created by Quentin Lafforgue under the artistic direction of Christophe Gaillet. The collection was intended to be very poetic and raw at the same time.

Anna Barroca Hairstylist

Quentin Lafforgue HairQuentin Lafforgue HairQuentin Lafforgue Hair

Hair | Quentin Lafforgue

 Quentin Lafforgue Hair

Artistic Director | Christophe Gaillet 
Makeup | Martyna Molenda
Photographer | Maros Belavy
Production | MK Production

L’Oréal Professionnel I Revlon Professional 
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