Future Perfect

Hair artist George Alderete likes to explore how AI influences him artistically. In his collection, Future Perfect, he explores the use of shaved heads with classic styles and vivid hues of color. "This collection feels like the future, with a softness brought by classic styling. The bold and muted color pallet of rich maroon shades, cardinal red, and steel create a mesmerizing marriage of luscious hair color and classic hairdressing," said Alderete.

George Alderete HairGeorge Alderete HairGeorge Alderete Hair

Production Credits

Hair Artist & Colorist | George Alderete

Hair Assistants
Safiya Waner, Angela French & Brooke LaMasters

Makeup | Orlando Leon Marin
Wardrobe | Lisa Vann

Team Director | Bill Storkan

Jolie Cazenave, Emiily Goldby & Allie Norckauer

Photography | John Rawson

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