The collection is a tribute to her daughters and to braids, a vindication of the transmission of knowledge that makes us advance and grow. The different braiding techniques have an ancient, almost sacred, origin that divinizes the image and exalts the hair –due to the way it is treated– until it becomes a true work of art. The choice of a neutral color makes it possible to highlight the incredible play of volumes, textures, and a daring, contemporary design. With this work, she connects with the tradition, only to make it evolve and create current and sophisticated images.

Eva González HairstylistEva González HairstylistEva González HairstylistEva González HairstylistCredit
Hair Artist | Eva González
Eva González Hairstylist
Makeup | Eva Quílez
Wardrobe | MIKOTO, Photography | David Arnal
Products | Schwarzkopf Professional 
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