Paper Kut

‘Paper Kut’ is an immersive avant-garde collection of fine art pieces, where craftsmanship and the exploration of differing hair types become an art form that reflects the editorial pages of a high-end fashion publication such as Italian Vogue. The finished looks take inspiration from hair in all its differing types and textures as fine art pieces. Intricately cut and formed by hand, each hairpiece stands as its own sculptural creation but works together as one collection. 

Jude McEwen HairJude McEwen HairJude McEwen HairJude McEwen HairJude McEwen Hair Jude McEwen Hair

Production Credits
Hair Artist | Jude McEwen
Makeup | Kylie O'Toole  
Wardrobe | Ella Murphy
Photography | Andrew O'Toole

Lilian | Sophie | Ashlee

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