Salon Kiin

Salon Liin

Winner, 2017 Hair Expo Best Salon Design

Captured via the namesake, Salon Kiin of Penrith, New South Wales, Australia was a venture that looked to transform a successful salon service offering into a complete lifestyle destination. One that would connect guests, employees and associated publics with an affinity for premium service delivery within delectable surroundings.

Salon Kiin was a project that took courage, uprooting a deep family anchor in a local shopping center and gallantly taking on the notoriously turbulent retail high street. It was a pursuit that by its core values and design proposal would stretch personal funds. Aesthetically, it was an aspirational dream that if realized, would defy the geographical bias towards metro superiority in the world of image makers.

From concept to creation, this design paid meticulous attention to detail with regards to guest care, while simultaneously developing a space that would inspire creativity and induce pride for an already highly dedicated and loyal team.

Salon Kiin

1. Openness & Space: The key objective to working with a long and narrow space was to optimize the openness and flow of the guest journey. From the point of entry, guests would experience an impressive view of an expansive salon that would induce an immediate sense of calm and relaxation.

2. Layout: The layout was imperative to achieving a functional space that would allow guests and staff to transition from space-to-space easily without physical obstruction, it would also create an element of privacy for each guest/stylist interaction. The large reception and waiting area was designed to provide guests with the ability to move freely between the reception desk and seating area, as well as access an inviting shelved retail space.The styling stations were generously spaced apart while the feature color table provided a partial divide between the wash basin area and color room from the rest of the space, allowing a level of privacy and relaxation for guests getting their hair washed.

3. Lighting: To allow an abundance of natural light to flow throughout the salon design, three large skylights were strategically positioned above key working areas to maximize ambience as well as functionality.

  • Reception Area - As the initial guest touch point, the entry was filled with natural light both from the floor to ceiling glass shop front and purpose built roof skylight.

  • Styling Stations - Delivering a consultation under natural lighting was a key objective of the design. Specifically, to have natural light directed onto the guest’s hair would provide a true to life visual representation for both guest and stylist.

  • Focal Point Color Table - Enabling colorists to observe a true representation of color development under natural lighting conditions was a real non-negotiable within functional considerations. Additionally, the perfectly centered skylight created a beautiful aesthetic on the centerpiece of the salon, mounted by a timber dowel wall.

  • For artificial lighting, we opted for track lighting so we could achieve an even light throughout the space avoiding harsh and unflattering down light shadows. Additionally, warm LED strip lighting was positioned behind the mirrors to cast a flattering light across the client’s face, without distorting the natural light used to observe the hair.

4. Color & Texture: The overall scheme was at the heart and soul of the design process, with the intention to create a light and welcoming aesthetic that would last the test of time. We introduced natural elements such as timber and travertine stone accents alongside lush greenery to soften the space and create a soothing environment.

5. Cleanliness: The materials and finishes selected for the salon are resilient to marks and stains, allowing staff to easily maintain cleanliness and so that guests can relax in a meticulous and uplifting environment.

6. Greenery: A key trend for millennial interiors, indoor plants provided natural embellishment as well as positively affecting the body and mind of staff and guests alike with a real feeling of natural wellbeing. 

Photographer: Terence Chin • Stylists: We Are Triibe • Salon: Salon Kiin, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia

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