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Tsiknaris SalonTsiknaris SalonTsiknaris SalonThe modern structure in the heart of Brisbane’s New Farm area houses the team at Tsiknaris Hair. The airy facility flaunts clean lines and a grid-like geometric that carries through the space. In the reception area, built-in seating and shelving for retail add depth while the above desk lighting fixtures complement the overall design. 
The main floor of Tsiknaris Hair features centralized work stations, shampoo chairs with elevated foot and leg rests, and a gallery-esque appeal with current artwork on the walls. There’s even a press wall floating above the shampoo area. Upstairs a kitchen and lounge provide a getaway and meeting are for staff. 
Led by salon director and leading stylist Bill Tsiknaris, Brisbane’s Tsiknaris Hair houses innovative and fashion-forward stylists and colorists who create trendy styles and looks for the season. Tsiknaris SalonTsiknaris Tsiknaris SalonHairdressers Brisbane have won the Australian Hair Fashion Industry Award for 2012 and Queensland Hairdresser of the Year for 2013, plus were finalists in 2014 and 2015. Younger brother, Dimitri Tsiknaris, has been a finalist for the Queensland Hairdresser of the Year for three years. Tsiknaris Hairdressers Brisbane is a nominee for Hair Expo’s 2019 Best Salon Design.
Tsiknaris SalonWith over 28 years of experience, Bill Tsiknaris is a household name on the Brisbane hair fashion scene; and recognized internationally for his creative collection work. He is an avid follower of international trends, carefully observing the fashion and celebrity world that drives them. Bill has been dedicated throughout his career to mastering and refining his styling techniques on the salon floor, through editorial work, and behind the scenes direction. 

Tsiknaris Salon

Shimmers of Zink Collection
by Bill Tsiknaris.