Rixon Hair

Rixon Hair is a Brisbane-based haircare brand founded in 2000 by Brad and Sharon Rixon. The duo has created an approach to hairdressing that reinforces an understated aesthetic, dedicated to producing the highest level of craftsmanship. With a vision of minimalist luxury and lofty standards, they have helped change the landscape of Brisbane hairdressing.

Rixon HairThis minimalist mindset carries over into Rixon’s salon design, which has recently been awarded the Best Salon Design at Hair Expo 2018. Sleek lines, windowpane dividers, clean white walls and ceilings accented with recycled brick, large mirrors, and chipboard flooring are offset with a hint of greenery. The look is unmistakably current with a confidently sustainable edge.

 “We wanted to create an inclusive space that would feel like a large livable loft. Rixon HairOne that didn’t resemble the look of a traditional, sparkly salon. It needed to be a flexible but creative working space that could be converted into a large educational venue as needed,” said Brad.

Sharon added, “We were inspired by the bones and charming character of this heritage building and were able to bring our design mission to the new space. With a softened industrial feel, we were on a quest for individual expression that would embody a new approach to pared-back luxury.”

The unique identity of Rixon Hair also comes through its dedication to creating a vibrant and creative community with a strong commitment to individualized beauty. Bringing an extraordinary amount of talent under one roof, Brad and Sharon have nurtured a high-caliber team of stylists and color technicians into a uniquely talented team.

With a culture that believes in constant change and the evolution in education, the team has a craving for knowledge that keeps Rixon Hair at the forefront of the industry.Rixon Hair

About the Owners

Sharon Rixon
Through her relentless pursuit of a higher quality individual experience, Sharon has worked to build Rixon Hair into the industry leader that it is. She has a tenacious dedication to the salon's loyal clientele. She orchestrates strong values throughout the salon, which make up the fabric of the team culture. Sharon is a born leader with an exuberant passion for life.

Brad Rixon
Born into the third generation of hairdressers, Brad has been able to ignite his creative vision through his unique life in the hairdressing environment. As a young hairdresser, he positioned himself amongst some of Australia’s most iconic hairdressers working for industry heroes John Morrey, Benni Tognini, and Stelios Papas. A driven educator, Brad is an Ambassador for L’Oréal professional, which sees him traveling internationally and throughout Australia endeavoring to share his knowledge and inspire those around him.

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