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   George & Ivy Hair Studio
At George & Ivy, style and sustainability are at the forefront. Be they stylistic or environmental, owners Paul and Catriona (Cat) take an innovative approach to challenges. A husband and wife team with a belly full of passion for the hair industry, this eco and beauty savvy duo believe in the benefits of acknowledging and re-working the past.

George & Ivy Hair Studio

George & Ivy Hair StudioGeorge & Ivy Hair StudioNamed for Paul’s grandparents, George and Ivy, the salon in East Fremantle, Australia was built upon the foundation of sustainable living. Architecturally inspiring, the studio was made from 80 percent recycled materials. The commitment to sustainability is reinforced by the building, one made of salvaged bricks, limestone, and steel-framed windows. For the interior, raw, earthy tones and materials were used, creating a gratifying balance with aesthetics and utility. The courtyard’s lush greenery is complemented by the sculptures and various works of art from local artisans. 

“Zero waste is at the forefront of our minds when looking at salon design, practice, and the products we use. Having worked in the hairdressing industry for over thirty years combined, we have grown increasingly aware of the chemical ingredients in hair products, their effects on our bodies and our well-being. For this reason, we have decided to work with Organic Way,” said Paul.  

“Our philosophy of living and working green grows from the business we run, the building in which we reside and the products that we use. It is important to us that our salon reflects individuality and style and offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere,” added Cat.George & Ivy Hair StudioGeorge & Ivy Hair StudioGeorge & Ivy Hair StudioGeorge & Ivy is affiliated with a company called Sustainable Salons that takes recycling to the next level. They collect and recycle 95 percent of the salon’s waste.  For example, all collected hair clippings that are not long enough to be used for wigs are made onto a hair boom. Hair is fed into a nylon stocking and stored for future oil spill emergencies. Sustainable Salons funds a university student who is taking the research to new a level, finding ways that this boom can be used. Once extracted from the boom, oil can be sold back to the oil companies, and the boom can then be composted.

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