Marie Antoinette

Inspired by a beautiful queen from French history, the macron-sweet concept of this collection centers around three different stages of her life. The series spans Marie Antoinette’s journey from a little princess until she became the legendary Queen of France. Power and luxury in the midst of extreme protest and troubled times, her beautiful sorrow ended like the life of a favored red rose. Strong and proud in the blooming but withering to fall bloom-first in the sudden end.
Marie Antoinette  By Mandy LauMarie Antoinette By Mandy LauMarie Antoinette By Mandy Lau
Mandy Lau
“I believe that only by constantly learning can we go further!” 

Mandy Lau

Mandy Lau of Colour Group Hair Salon is an award-winning stylist based in Hong Kong. To date, she’s won the 2014 Shiseido Beauty Innovator Awards, Top 5 2016 Shiseido Beauty Innovator Awards, and Top 10 2018 StyleMasters Awards for Best Stage Performance.  

Collective by Steven Smart

Production Credits
Hair: Mandy Lau  |  Makeup: Sharman Yee  |  Wardrobe: Victor Goh  |   Photos: Tian Xing  |  Model: Brenda Li

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