“Astronomy compels the soul to look upward and leads us from this world to another.” 
~ Plato

Galaxia by Kobi Bokshish

The latest collection by Kobi Bokshish of Intershape, Galaxia celebrates what it means to be a vulnerable, curious, and playful human. Through the experimentation of color, shape, form, abstraction, texture, and asymmetry, this series of hairstyle statements pushes the limits and explores the boundaries of what we can do. It takes aesthetic influence from the bright hues, cascades of light, and fragmented forms of our galaxy and the industrial elements of human exploration. 
Galaxia by Kobi Bokshish
“I believe that humanity is defined by the notion that we are dissatisfied creatures, always searching and yearning for more, driving our curiosity to the edges of the Earth and beyond towards our galaxy.”  -Kobi Bokshish
Galaxia by Kobi Bokshish

Concept & Hair: Kobi Bokshish • Colorist: Stevie English
Makeup: Lizzi Sharp • Styling: Lydia-Jane Saunders
Photography: David Mannah • Video: Jarred Stedman

Galaxia by Kobi Bokshish

Kobi Bokshish 

The first time Kobe Bokshish picked up a pair of scissors was during his national service with the Israeli Air Force over two decades ago. After doing thousands of buzz cuts and he still felt the rush of creativity, he knew that he was in love with the profession He knew it was something for which he could not let go. 

Kobi Bokshish HeadshotAfter Kobe finished his national service he started to explore the world, carrying his scissors with him everywhere he went. They traveled with him to India and Thailand where he spent almost two years. Kobi would cut hair everywhere he went and this only drove home the point of how much he really loved the craft. 

When Kobi reached Australian shores, he couldn't speak the language but his ability to communicate through his art allowed him to work. Five years later, he took over Intershape, the salon where he was working, and completely reinvented it. Kobi started with one stylist and one apprentice and through hard work and passion, he built his dream. In 2004 he was approached by a product manufacturer to work with their team at Hair Expo.  Since then, Kobi has been appointed as a master associate and ambassador for the brand, which includes platform work, creating and running color and cutting classes, photo shoots, advertising campaigns, and runway shows. 

 Kobi and his team have gone on to win a multitude of awards. Most recently, Intershape held the title of 2017 AHFA Artistic Team of the Year and Fashion Video of the Year. Kobi and his team are also two-time finalists at the AHFA and Hair Expo for Australian Hairdresser of the Year, and in 2016 Hair Expo Intershape Team made finalist for Salon Team of the Year.

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