Caroline Brand, co-owner of Oracle Hair and Beauty in Chippenham, England, took a bold step to showcase a series of unique hairstyles with a deeper meaning. The looks offer an unmistakable vulnerability with an underlying message of empowerment. According to this hair artist, strong shapes and unique colors depict the strength it takes to cope with mental health issues. The fragmented elements show that however strong we are, that we can all feel its impact.  Brand highlights fragmented stages of mental health with her looks: splinter, fractured, divided, erupt, cracked, shattered, broken, and exploded. 
Fragmented by Caroline Brand
"Mental health affects everyone whether it's personal or someone else. Sometimes those around us who look the strongest are fighting battles that nobody knows about. Just because someone may look like a strong person on the outside they may be fragmented on the inside - I feel this conflict shows in my collection."Caroline Brand
Fragmented by Caroline BrandFragmented by Caroline BrandFragmented by Caroline BrandFragmented by Caroline BrandFragmented by Caroline Brand
Behind the scenes on the set of Fragmented
Fragmented by Caroline Brand

Production Credits
Caroline Brand Headshot
Hair: Caroline Brand  |  MUA: Lauren Mathis  |  Wardrobe:  Charlotte England  |  Photographer: Dan Thomas 
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