White Blondes

Everyone loves seeing or better yet being a white-hot blonde; that flaxen flow of almost silvery lightness that seems to turn heads on a dime. The most enviable hue and highly searched shade of hair color, platinum and white blondes are as popular in person as they are in the digital realm. Today, white blondes are evolving from just a one-tone starkness to platinum as a foundation. Look for powdery light blondes, some rooty and some not - also witness cooler whites that delve into the silver side or introduce shades of gray for added depth. 

#1, 4, 8: Hair: Paul Falltrick, gfc hairdressing • Photography: Barry Jeffery • Makeup: Elizabeth Rita • Stylist: Magdalena Jacobs

#2 Hair: Raffel Pages• Photography: David Arnal

#3: Hair: Elle Schoemaker • Color: Kristie Kesic for Stelios Papas Toowong, Brisbane, Australia • Photography: Katriena Emmanuel • Fashion Styling: Alyssa Selin • Makeup: Rose Moffat

#5: Hair: Olga García for Olga García Estilistas • Photography: David Arnal • Styling: Eunnis Mesa • Makeup: Wilder Rodríguez

#6: Hair & Photography: Kai Wan • Styling: Jenny Wan • Makeup: Shauna Taggart

#7: Hair: Raquel Saiz for Salón Blue • Photography: Esteban Roca • Styling: María Saiz • Makeup: Manuela Giménez for Salón Blue