Weavers of Ideas

With every creative process different ideas are born - some more related and others without meaning, but all directed towards the same end. It's right there where the metaphor begins: imagining that hair, as a medium, offers endless possibilities, some intertwined and others free without meaning or rules.

Weavers of Ideas by Ivan Rodriguez

In the center, notions unite and interlace, leaving behind those other ideas that rebel and do not seek to join anything or anyone. It’s the result of spontaneity and random movement that, without a doubt, are also necessary to create the same goal.
Weavers of Ideas by Ivan Rodriguez
A romantic collection with larger-than-life creations, Weavers of Ideas uses a subtle French touch that rebels against the traditional French braid, delivering instead a woven version with more body, volume, and movement.

Hair: Ivan Rodriguez  |  Makeup: Thessa Peralta  |  Photography: Jell Loya