A Twist on Texture

Loose, Free & Flawless

There's a new wave of texture coming over and this time the looks are boldly eclectic. Traditional curl makes way to wind-blown waves, brushed-out coils, and whisp-laced braids. A unique twist is the mix of rosette-like crimp and kink with the contrast of straight pieces mixed in. These whispy strands offer a stark contrast to the tight texture that graces the rest of the hair. 

Credits (left to right, top to bottom):1. Salon: rokk ebony • Hair color: Charlene Fernandez  • Hair cut/styling: Chung-Yang “Yoshi” Su • Photography: Chung-Yang “Yoshi” Su • Makeup: Chung-Yang “Yoshi” Su • Stylist: Chung-Yang “Yoshi” Su - 2 & 3. Salon: Servilles • Hair: Servilles Creative Team lead by Frank Apostolopoulos  • Photography: Andrew O’Toole • Styling: Victoria Harvey • Makeup: Jamila Serville assisted by Louise Harford - 4. Salon: Errol Douglas • Hair: Errol Douglas MBE Hair • Color: Errol Douglas Color Team • Makeup: Elizabeth Rita • Styling: Jared Green • Photography: Barry Jeffery - 5-6: Salon: Paul Falltrick Creative • Hair: Paul Falltrick • Photography: Barry Jeffery • Styling: Masha Mombelli • Makeup: Elizabeth Rita • Hair Products: Matrix