Pastel Pretty

Artists take inspiration from many areas; they live and breathe it through every facet of their existence, in all forms from the world around them. The colors and styling for this collection by Hair Care Australia using Lakmé hair color were derived directly from the landscapes, art and architecture of Spain. With a delicately nuanced theme, this series was designed to inspire and encourage colorists to explore their own sources of inspiration and innovate their craft. For consumers, this grouping offers a glimpse into upcoming trends, as forecasted by one of Australia's leading design teams. Enjoy!

Hair Team: Lauren McCowan, Deborah French, Jacquie Kilpatrick, Billy Wheadon for Hair Care Australia • Stylist: James Dykes • Makeup: Molly Oakfield • Photos: Michael Comninus • Digital Assistant: Jorge Riviera • Creative Director: Lauren McCowan