At that exact spot, pure beauty arises, fresh and colorful shades balance perfectly with texture and shape.
An ode to daring femininity, these looks offer a polished touch with seamless transitions of opal-inspired fashion color.

Manou, one of the top hairstylists from Dutch brand and salons Team Twins, created a collection where color and shapes come together. She’s a familiar face backstage at Fashion Week Amsterdam, and she travels the world to join different competitions. You might have seen her on the international stage of ColorZoom as well.

About Team Twins
Team Twins is a young and enthusiastic team of hairstylists in The Netherlands. They are worldwide well-known for their hair color techniques. Individual members of the team often travel the world to teach other colleagues the finest techniques in our field.

Credits - Hairstylist: Manou Grijsen - Team Twins, The Netherlands • Photography: Petra Holland • Makeup: Darien Touma • Styling: Annet Veerbeek