New Chi Nano

CHI Releases Nano Hair Dryer with NASA Technology 

Weighing less than 1lb, the CHI Nano Hair Dryer features proprietary Nano Silver and Blue LED light technology that actually helps to kill bacteria in the dryer and in the air. Developed by NASA scientists, “Nanosilver acts as a passive sterilizing component, creating an area that is in effect self-cleaning; airborne contaminants like fungi and bacteria quickly die after settling on the surface.” (Source

In addition to the tool’s Rapid Clean Technology, the CHI Nano Hair Dryer features ceramic ionic technology, which generates negative ions that dry the hair without damage, while sealing in moisture and shine. Its lightweight ergonomic design also houses a 1875W ceramic motor. A dual air-intake system with two vents helps to reduce drying time while producing a stronger air flow.

Behind the Technology

Rapid Clean Technology - Nano Silver and Blue LED lights help to kill bacteria providing cleaner air. These antimicrobial properties offer cleaner air during styling by decreasing bacterial buildup inside the hairdryer.

Ionic Technology - Negative ions breakdown water particles into small molecules making it easier for the hair to absorb moisture deep into the hair shaft. This action produces smooth and shiny, healthy hair.

Key Features

  • 1875W DC motor
  • A dual-vent air intake system
  • Rapid Clean Technology
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Sleek ergonomic design with silicone grip stand
  • Nozzle and comb attachments included