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Dried & True

Hair dryers have come a long way since the days of loud, bulky appliances that take a bodybuilder to lift, let alone use all day. Today’s models are sleek, lightweight and ergonomic for better long-term use. There’s an assortment of powerful AC and DC motors with an output that is measured in watts, and a range of heat/speed settings and displays to appeal to every user.

One thing that most professional quality dryers have in common is the use of ceramic technology. The same heaters used in styling irons offer blow dryers all of the benefits of ionic styling: producing even heat, smoothing the cuticle and reducing frizz. However, one of the trends with dryers is the ability to turn the cuticle smoothing feature on or off.

When asked about the new direction for dryers, Sam Villa, co-founder of Sam Villa and Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken 5th Avenue said, “Ions aren’t new to blow dryers, but the latest discovery is that hairdressers need the choice of whether to use them or not.  A switch that activates or deactivates ions allows the user to choose to use the ions to shut down the cuticle and polish the hair or to turn them off to maintain more body and fullness.”

For those shopping for a new dryer, CortexChief Sales Marketing Officer Tara O'Brien has some suggestions of her own. “Remember that the blow dryer has to be effective, efficient, comfortable and preserve the health of hair. With those properties in mind, consider these characteristics when you are making your selection. First, you want a dryer that’s powerful yet comfortable for long periods, so take the design and weight into consideration. A higher wattage motor will have more power and can cut down on the time that you’re exposing hair to heat, which can be damaging over time,” said O'Brien.

She continued, “Multiple speed and heat settings are a must because they’ll allow you to customize the drying experience so it will be appropriate for all hairstyles and all hair types, thicknesses and textures. A longer cord length is ideal, and dryers that come with extras like a concentrator attachment are useful for controlling air flow. As with any product that you’re paying a little more for, a hair dryer with a good warranty will provide you with peace of mind.” 

When looking to purchase a new hair dryer, it’s important to weight out the many features. Take a look at our hair dryer shopping guide and then browse below for some of the best-selling models. 

Dried & True6th Sense Masterpiece Professional: Handcrafted in France, the 6th Sense Masterpiece Professional Hair Dryer features 1600 watts of power with an ergonomic design in a compact footprint. Its size makes it small enough for travel, yet powerful enough for hours of daily use. The ion generator can be turned on for adding sleekness to hair or turned off for a volumized style.

Be.Professional by Cortex USA: Pioneering the use of new coatings on hair appliances, the Be.Professional dryer controls the airflow for rapid drying and long lasting style. The Thermolon coating improves on the properties that Tourmaline Ceramic and Titanium coatings offer, but with eco-innovative advances. With a built-in silencer and low electromagnetic emissions, this dryer is ideal for all hair types.

Dried & TrueCHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer: Experience the second generation of touch-screen styling with the new design of the CHI Touch 2 Hair Dryer. Slim and lightweight, it features a compact 2.4-inch touch screen control and a unique speedometer easily customizable intelligent settings, including controlling the speed, temperature, and ionic output.

Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer: The Ultra Light Pro Dryer weighs less than a pound so you can comfortably style hair, while a patented silencer reduces its noise level and a motor speed of 94 miles per hour lends to quicker drying time. Customizable ion functionality helps you create sleek or voluminous styles and a dual filtration system reduces energy consumption. 

Dried & TrueInStyler Turbo Ionic Blow Dryer: The Turbo Ionic Dryer by Instyler uses a high-power DC motor and turbine fan design to dry hair quickly. The infinity dial allows you to control and customize the airflow to meet your personal drying and styling needs. Tourmaline ceramic technology coupled with an ionic generator bathes strands with soothing ions to produce smooth, healthy, shiny, and frizz-free hair.

Sam Villa Light Professional Ionic Blow Dryer: This lightweight, whisper quiet and ionic professional hair dryer delivers powerful airflow. Create brilliant shine, reduce static and frizz, and create smooth, sleek finishes with the built-in ceramic/tourmaline ion generation. It comes with two rotating concentrator nozzles and a deep bowl diffuser for curly styles.

Dried & True

NUME Stealth Hair Dryer: Gracefully quiet and chic, the Stealth Hair Dryer delivers intense heat styling that moisturizes every strand. A brushless motor offers high-efficiency output with less noise and more power. Integrated far infrared technology sends heat directly into the hair's cuticle for faster results to achieve beautiful, full-bodied blowouts with every use.

Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer: With a lightweight design for comfortable styling, Buttercup Blow Dryer offers ionic technology that seals the cuticle to reduce frizz while drying. This appliance features a professional-length nine-foot cord, a powerful 1875 watt motor, and two concentrator nozzles for customized airflow.Dried & True

SuperSolano 3700 Moda: Using a weight-balanced AC motor, the powerful yet compact SuperSolano 3700 Moda dryer offers styling control. Ceramic tourmaline technology evenly distributes ionic far infrared heat, which improves moisture in the hair while minimizing static electricity. It dries hair from the inside out, adds shine and smooths strands while minimizing fly-aways.

Kadori Professional L.I.A. 2500X Hairdryer: The Kadori L.I.A uses ionic technology to lock in moisture for softer, shinier results that last longer, with far less frizzing. Variable heat and speed settings, plus the choice of nozzle and diffuser, allow you to achieve the desired look, while a cool shot button helps set your style in place with a blast of cold air.