Fun-Loving Hues

For years we‘ve all heard the adage, blondes have more fun. Visions of light-haired beauties dance in our heads, frolicking in the sun, flirting with everyone in sight, and catching the eye of others, seemingly without effort. But could this age-old saying possibly be true? According to Australian hair artist and educator Paula Hibbard, not necessarily. 

Drawing inspiration from her belief that redheads will be as fun-loving as blondes in the years to come, Paula matched up a series of vibrant red colors with fresh blonde hues in this hair color statement. In awe of her work, as always, our team caught up with the hair maven to chat about color. She explains how trends playout in the year to come and offers some tips for keeping your salon color looking amazing.

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Why do you believe that redheads will be having just as much fun this decade as blondes?

Paula: Celebrities and consumers alike are becoming bolder with colour; although this doesn’t necessarily mean they are changing dramatically, they are however dipping into different hues to liven up their crowning glories. Shades of red are part of this story from subtle pink reds and orange-reds to vibrant fire engine red. Luscious red locks bring out a little bit of mischief, mystery, and uniqueness. No one ever forgets a redhead as they are quite unique.

Paula Hibbard Fun-Loving HuesHow would you best describe some of the fashionable red hues this year?

Paula: Red hair, along with freckles, are gracing our fashion pages. The hues of red range from strawberry to beautiful rich red wine. Reds of all shades turn heads as their shine and richness give the wearer a head-turning sense of luxury. My fav would have to be a deep orange-red on curly locks!

Blondes are moving towards warmer tones, being worn with a more lived-in effect, so maintenance is not so stressful.

How can brunettes embrace some of these trends yet stay true to their roots, so to speak?

Paula: Brunettes are blessed with natural shine; however, sometimes, they are lacking in tonal difference to give the wearer colour variance. For a brunette, I would suggest some low lights, one or two shades lighter, throughout to break-up the colour and give them a WOW factor. My fave for my brunette clients is a deep, rich, dark chocolate brown with slices of dark caramel throughout!

What are you envisioning in terms of color placement?

Paula: Blondes are loving a more lived-in colour, so freehand painting of different levels gives them this effect. With my redheads, I like to create more depth at the root area with slices of variation throughout. Fringes and face-framing to accentuate the clients’ features is always a plus and allows you to personalize each colour.

What should people know about the color commitment before diving into either of these color ranges?

Paula: Maintaining colour across the board is a commitment - like buying a “dry clean only” jacket. It needs care. Consider a new home haircare program. When changing your (hair) colour always check-in with your hairstylist as to a new regime. Redheads need refreshing as they tend to fade quicker than most.

Paula Hibbard Fun-Loving Hues

What are your best suggestions for color care?

Paula: Colored hair needs care daily, weekly, and monthly depending on the type of colour and the condition of your hair. After your colour, I always suggest not shampooing for a few days to allow the colour to settle, especially if you have gone darker or brighter. Choose or ask your hairstylist for a shampoo and condition that’s suited to your hair. Toning shampoos are awesome to maintain depth for a brunette, vibrancy for redheads, or minimizing gold for blondes.

Applying a leave-in moisturiser after towel drying helps to seal the cuticle to minimise colour loss. A heat protectant is a must for everyone who uses any type of thermal styling tool. A treatment weekly to maintain strength, moisture, and shine is also a must. I truly believe that our hair is our crowning glory and needs to be treated as such.

What excites you most about hair color/colour?

Paula: I love colour as it makes you feel fresh, new, and different. Colour adds life to hair, whether it’s subtle or ‘out there’ vibrant. If the right colour is chosen for you, it can bring out your eyes, brighten your skin tone, and enhance your hair to make it look shiny and healthy.

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Paula Hibbard Fun-Loving HuesBIO: Paula Hibbard is an in-demand boutique educator who specializes in the art of long hair styling, bridal, and special event styling. Her work has graced the pages and covers of many international magazines. Her skills have been showcased in numerous film, fashion, and television productions, such as Project Runway, The Voice Kids, Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week, andThe Gods of Egypt.

When educating, her aim is to encourage, inspire, and expand the skill set of hairdressers, makeup artists, and salon groups with customized training programs.

Hair: Paula Hibbard
Assistant Cutter: Daniel Di lorio
Assistant Colourist: Holly Breen
Makeup: Susan Markovic
Photography: David Mannah
Sponsor: De Lorenzo Haircare