Classic Blue

Classic Blue - 2020 It Color

Classic Blue, Pantone’s designated color of the year, is a timeless and enduring hue. It’s elegant in its simplicity and is suggestive of the sky at dusk. This restful blue hue brings a sense of peace to the human spirit, offering refuge. The cool and calming qualities highlight our desire for a stable foundation on which to build the dawning of a new decade - an era of resilience and tranquility.

Is this Blue Hue Right for You?

Classic Blue - 2020 It Color

Credits: Hair: Alexander Kiryliuk, Kílian Garrigós, Miguel Silva, Inna Lipkovich • Salon: SK Style Barcelona • Photographer: David Arnal • Makeup: Miguel Silva & Natalya Sidorova • Stylist: SWID.A, Elena Estaun & Kati German • Designer (lower right): Lena Kotoshchuk • Art Director: Alexander Kiryliuk