Mason Pearson Handy Bristle Hairbrush

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Mason Pearson Handy Bristle Hairbrush

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Recommended for fine to normal hair, the Handy Bristle Brush creates luxurious, soft hair that is easier to manage. Crafted with 6 rings of stiff boar bristle tufts, the brush spreads sebum oil evenly over strands for more beautiful, healthy hair without split ends or irritation to the scalp.

Featuring precisely spaced tufts of nylon or boar bristles nestled in a patented rubber cushion pad that’s set into a comfortable, ergonomically-designed acrylic resin handle. Exacting standards are also used in producing the company's combs, which are handmade in Switzerland from the highest quality polished tortoiseshell-toned celluloid to prevent damage to the hair.

Idea IconThe Size of the Brush Matters
It is a wise idea to consider the correct brush size for ease and comfort of use. Deciding what is the proper size of hairbrush depends principally on the size of your hand; choose one that fits comfortably. Too small may cause cramping while too large may be difficult to control especially if used in combination with a blow dryer.