Dura Chi Handshot Hairdryer

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Dura Chi Handshot Hairdryer

Provides efficiency and comfort through its unique design, allowing for hand-free use. With the absence of the conventional dryer handle, the hand shot dryer allows for consistent control over the dryer to produce a multitude of styling techniques. Features a touch sensitive control screen that offers numerous heat and speed setting combinations.

Key Features:
• Hands-free drying stand enables the dryer to stand alone on a flat surface.
• Handle free design for a more balanced and efficient drying angle that allows for the wrist to sit in a more comfortable place.
• Touch-Sensitive Screen that regulates temperature and speed levels.
• 1875 Watts of power that allows for consistent heat from ceramic heat technology.
• Non-slip, soft touch grip that provides optimal control and molded finger groves for added comfort and support.

Screen Design:
• Touch sensitive control dial with LED lights display, provides easily adjustable temperature and speed levels with a single touch.
• Adjusting Speed Settings:
• Using the left control panel changes the speed of air flow from Low to High.